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Santa pooh Wreath 1 Gingerbread man
Santa waving Snowflake 1 Snowflake 2
Penguin sledding Penguin on ice Snowflake falling
Snowman 1 Kid sledding Snowy tree
Twinkling star 1 Twinkling star 2 Twinkling star 3
Candy cane anim Snowflake 3 Candle
Candles Tree Reindeer
Snowman 2 Poinsetta Patchwork joy
Candle 2 Reindeer 2 Santa waving 2
Snowflake 4 Santa 1 Santa 2
North Pole email Blue xmas ball Candy cane 2
Xmas fuzzy Stocking Reindeer 3
Tree 2 Pine cone Santa 3
Tartan wreath Snowman 3 Poinsetta 2
Blue xmas ball 2 Tree 3 anim Snowman 4
Pinecone 2 Poinsetta 3 Pine cones & flowers
Xmas flowers Xmas rose Santa mouse 1
Santa 4 Santa bear Angel & bear
Teddy & wreath Xmas teddies Snow bear
Snow bears Santa bear 2 Teddy w stocking
Xmas teddies 2 Teddy w drum Teddy & wreath 2
Geddes santa babies Gold bells Reindeer 4
Xmas kitty Mistletoe Santa mouse 2
Reindeer 5 Santa 5 Snow couple
Wreath Xmas pudding Tree 4
Tree 5 Candle 3 Snowman snowglobe 1
Snowman 5 anim Snowman 6 Snowman 7 anim
Snowman 8 Snow family Snowman 9
Snowman 10 anim Snowman 11 Snoman 12
Snowman 13 Cookies n milk anim Snowman 14
Santa & frosty Presents Santa 6
Church Snowflake 5 Red glittery bow anim
Gold glittery bow anim Green glittery candle anim Kitty & wreath
Snowman 15 Rust glittery deer anim Snowman 16 anim
Snowman snowglobe 2 Teal glittery ball anim Red glittery ball anim
Silver glittery ball anim Blue glittery ball anim Green glittery ball anim
Green glittery santa anim Santa 7 anim Silver glittery angel anim
Silver glittery sleigh anim Snowman snowglobe 3 Blue glittery snowman 1 anim
Blue glittery snowman 2 anim Green glittery snowman anim Blue glittery snowwoman anim
Gold glittery snowwoman Green glittery snowwoman Holly jolly snowman
Snowman 17 anim Snowman 18 Snow family 2
Juggling snowmen Red glittery stocking anim Blue glittery stocking anim
Gold glittery stocking anim Green glittery stocking anim Snowman 19
Green glittery tree Pink glittery tree anim Wreath 2
Green glittery wreath anim Green glittery wreath 2 anim Silver glittery wreath anim
Xmas kitty 2 anim Grinch 1 Grinch 2
Grinch 3 Grinch 4 Grinch 5
Grinch 6 Grinch 7 anim Twinkling gold star anim

Some of these gifs from Anne's Place. Sorry Anne I got them elsewhere not your site. If they are yours you do deserve credit.

Candy Canes Trees & Stockings Holly 1
White icicles Blue icicles Snow falling
Red bows Gold bar Thin garland
Thick garland Poinsettas 1 Mantle
Snowy fence Candy cane 1 Trees 1
Stockings 1 Snowflakes 1 Candy cane 2
Snowmen 1 Santa 1 Holly 2
Santa 2 Swag Holly 3
Lights 1 Bird garland Candy canes 2
Santa 3 Candy canes 3 Trees 2
Xmas crackers Gold bells Holly 4
Holly 5 Mistletoe Santa 5
Snowflakes 2 Bears n trees Candy canes 4
Xmas girls HH girls 1 HH girls 2
Holly 6 Snowman Snowmen 2
Snowmen 3 Snowmen 4 Holly 7
Holly 8 Gold bells 2 Candy canes 5
Candy canes 6 Swag 2 Snowmen 5
Gingerbread men 1 Holly 9 Holly 10
Angels Sylvester n Tweety M & Ms
Snowflake Trees 3 Stockings 2
Flashing stars Country xmas Snowflakes 3
Bow garland Poinsettas 2 Gingerbread men 2
Holly 11 Thick garland 2 Flashing MC
Santas & Stockings Xmas goodies Snowflakes 4
Bow garland 2 Garland Candy cane 3
Lights 2 Snowflakes 5 Lights 3
Lights 4 Snowmen 6 Lights 5
Snowflakes 6 Snowy fence 2 Candy
Snowflake garland Lights n garland Lights 6

MC w/ wreaths Assorted greetings International greetings
Candy cane MC MC w/ lights MC red & green
rotating HH Season's Greetings MC garland
MC red & grn HNY MC red & green MC w/ lights
HH Candy cane MC w/ snowman MC in tartan
FN Poinsettas MC xmas balls MC w/ Poinsetta
MC Candy cane MC Snowflakes MC Xmas tree
SG Poinsetta MC pine & lights MC Pink bow
HH Bouquet HH Snowman MC twinkle
HH Girl

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CB-Corner border LB Left border
CB Santa LB Poinsettas on white 1 LB Candy canes on white
Winter animals on white Poinsetta on white Snow falling anim
Snow falling 2 Snowflakes on blue CB Snowflake
Holly on white Snowflakes on blue 2 Santa bear
LB Xmas balls on black LB Pinecones LB Pine & lights
LB Santa on green Snowmen LB Tartan tree wreath house
Snowflakes Snowy hills LB Snowman on white
LB Poinsettas on white 2 LB Snowflakes 1 LB Snowman on green
Snowflakes 2 LB Christmas tree LB Poinsettas on white 3
LB Xmas flowers on white LB Pink carnations Xmas greetings
LB Candy cane on blue LB Follow the star Candy canes
Xmas stuff Gift & snowflakes Xmas tree
Stocking This bg Xmas balls on black
LB Shepherd boy on blue LB Snowflakes 2 LB Santa on black
LB Snowman on blue LB Snowman on white 2 LB Snowman on white 3
Xmas farm LBGold snowflakes LBSnowmen
LB Candy cane LB Holly LB Holly & stars
LB Xmas dog & kitty Snowy cottage Snowflakes on pink
Snowy village LB Santa LB Santa 2
LB Santa 3 LB Holly LB Candles & poinsettas
LB Snowy house & holly LB Tree & candles Snowy bridge
LB Candle LB Xmas stuff LB Gold bells 1
LB Holly & Pinecones Candles & poinsettas Snowy river
Stocking Snowflakes on blue 1 Snowy church
Xmas balls Snowflakes on blue 2 Stocking
Snowflakes anim LB Gold bells 2 LB Candy cane
LB Holly & bible LB Presents Candy canes
Holly on white 2 White stars LB Xmas lights on green
LB Snoopy on house LB Snoopy decorating Pooh playing Santa
LB Snowman w blue bird LB Gold bells & holly

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