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Updated 8/16/04

Yellow Leaf 2.9k Brown Oak Leaf 4.5k
Yellow Leaf 2 3.2k Red Leaf 3.7k
Red Leaf 2 2.2k Orange & Brown Leaf 5.0k
Indian Corn 3.1k Leaves & Pinecone 18k
Turkey Basket 2.7k Turkey tipping his hat 2.3k
Turkey holding a gun 2.5k Turkey waving 13.5k
Turkey waving & winking 28.8k Cornicopia 2.1k
Indian Corn 2 6.2k Acorn 2.3k
Pumpkin 9.9k corn .8.8k
Fruit & veggie basket 22.5k Wheat, corn, & pilgrim hat 13.5k
Colorful cornicopia 19.4k small cornicopia 2.0k
Harvest veggies 25.8k Small colorful cornicopia 2.9k
Small colorful cornicopia 2 5.6k Small cornicopia 3 13.2k
same as 25 but brighter 2.9k wheat & pumpkin 11.8k
Pretty wreath 23.1k Pumpkin on left post 7.0k
Pumpkin on right post 7.0k Give Thanks w/
fruit & veggies 18.4k
Indian corn 20.3k Colorful indian corn 10.5k
Pretty flowers in
a pumpkin 10.9k
falling leaf 4.0k
3 rusty leaves 3.6k 2 brown & red leaves 2.6k
Pumpkin 3.1k Pumpkins 6.1k
Geddes Pumpkin babies 50.5k Bunny skipping in leaves 9.8k
Rake w/ leaves 8.2k Patchwork scarecrow 4.7k
Scarecrow 4.7k Squirrel 3.4k
Wheelbarrow full of
fruits & veggies 15.8k
Leafy wreath 5.5k
Colorful leafy wreath 18.7k Scarecrow 31.8k
Small leaf cluster 6.4k Wheelbarrow 1.9k
Fruity wreath 31.0k Welcome wagon 60.2k
Small cornicopia 2.0k Small haystack 8.2k
Colorful fall tree 7.5k Another colorful fall tree 7.6k
Sunflowers & corn 17.3k Squirrel 21.6k
Leaf 4.2k Cornicopia 15.1k

Leaves & Pinecone Left Border 14.7k
Patchwork Leaves on yellow Left Border 27.7k
Colorful Leaves on white 17.1k
Pilgrims & Turkey Left Border 14.2k
Fall leaves Left Border 12.4k
Turkey & Cornicopia Left Border 8.1k
Cornicopias on green 9.8k
Red Leaves on Pink 7.5k
Fall Leaves on white 8.6k
More Fall Leaves on white 12.4k
LB Pilgrim kids on white 4.0k
Leaves 12.0k
LB Fall flowers 39.2k
LB Harvest Fruits 7.5k
Pumpkins 27.4k
Leaves 35.8k
Fall river 34.1k
Leaves 26.2k
More Leaves 9.4k
Fall Leaves 11.1k
Leaves 13.3k
Happy TG Leaves 7.0k
LB Happy TG w fruit 5.9k
LB Cornicopia on black 9.3k
LB Cornicopia on white 7.5k
LB Fruits & leaves on tan 8.5k
LB Leaves on Black 34.1 K
LB Leaves on Brown 7.3 K
LB Leaves on White 5.0 K
Leaves, pumpkins, & acorns on white 34.1 K

Fall cluster 6.7k
Oak Leaves 4.2k
Small leaves 9.0k
Fruits & Veggies 5.8k
Bar w/ leaves on ends 4.1k
Same as above w/ corn in middle 5.0k
Orange & Yellow 3.1k
Acorns 3.9k
Colorful Leaves 16.2k
Colorful Leaves 6.9k
Colorful Leaves 2.8k
Acorns & Leaves 7.5k
Orange & Yellow leaves 5.0k
Birds & leaves 5.0k
Brown & Orange leaves 5.9k
Oak leaves 4.9k
Smiling leaves 7.4k
Laughing pumpkins 4.9k
Fall Leaves 7k
More Fall Leaves 7k
Pastel Leaves 9.3k
Rolling Leaf 6.8k
Colorful leaf cluster 7.5k
Oak Leaves 6.2k
Orange & yellow Leaves w acorns 4.1k
Pumpkins 3.1k
Green Yellow & Orange Leaves 10.3k
Multicolored Leaves 7.5k
Brown leafy vine 9.5k

Happy Thanksgiving w/ cornicopias at ends 4.5k
Happy Thanksgiving w/ cornicopia at end 3.1k
Happy Thanksgiving w/ indians & pilgrims 4.9k
Happy Thanksgiving w/ leaves & acorns 11.9k
Happy Thanksgiving w/ leaves falling 14k
Happy Thanksgiving w/ squash 21.1k
Happy Thanksgiving w/ veggies 39.8k
Happy Thanksgiving black trimmed in yellow 1.5k
Happy Thanksgiving very colorful 27.7k
Welcome Leaves 18.4k
Happy TG Turkey 4.6k

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