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Updated 7/19/02

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Happy New Year with Flowers
Happy New Year
Happy New Year 2
Happy New Year 3
Gold anim Happy New Year
HNY Red & White anim with gold stars
Green & Purple HNY Banner
HNY in blue w confetti
Vivid Happy New Year
Festive Happy New Year
Purple Girls Happy New Year
Multicolored Happy New Year
Happy New Year w/ horns
Dancing Happy New Year

LB Millenium
LB Millenium 2
Millenium 3
LB Party drink on black
LB Party drinks on black
LB Streamers & confetti on white
LB Betty Boop w/ champagne
Balloons blues
Balloons pinks
Balloons pastels on white
Balloons pastels on black
LB Balloons
Pastel HNY
Pastel HNY w/ confetti
LB 2002 on black
Blue w/ confetti & stars
Confetti & balloons
Balloons & party hats
LB on pink Party mouse
LB 2002 red + green
Champagne & Confetti
Happy New Year w balloons
Party hats
More party hats

These backgrounds are corner backgrounds.
They can be put on any background color you choose because
they are transparent. So when you use them put this on your web
page or webtv email like this:

<<>body bgcolor="color of your choice"<>><<>body bg="url"<>><<>/body<>>

Party Glasses
Party Glasses 2
Champagne Flutes

Disco Ball

Balloons & Party Hat

Champagne Glasses


Party hats

Party glasses

Ball Dropping


Party animals

Partying M & Ms

Party hat




Party Cat

Party Hat

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